bara brith (bara_brith) wrote,
bara brith

well hello there lj...

eh, it's been a while!

i just felt like a bit of randomness and lj seemed the place - so here we go...

liverpool, oh liverpool! aaarrrggghhh! - but on the sentimental side, way to go emile heskey and gerard houiller for aston villa, two former liverpool greats!

elastoplast, how i love thee and your stickiness, but honestly, did you really need that layer of skin - i was quite attached to it! youch!

mmmmm... mince pies - with homemade pastry and homemade mincemeat - that batch are all gone - so i'll have to make s'more, yum!

glad that the ill ones of the family are getting better, and no stays in hospital this time for b - wooohooo! this cold-throat/ear infection-flu that everyone keeps getting again and again... and again - sucks eggs!

been half wanting to write fic lately, who knows, mebbe the muse is back from the wilderness... but then again...

bah humbug! not really feeling christmas this year for some reason (mebbe in part because it's been floating 'round since flipping october or earlier!)

right... well... that'll do!

oooh, hang on! rebecca to win the x factor :-> lol!

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    wooooooooo! 2-1! go liverpool - finally! okay, i'll stop with the twitter-like drivel now!

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    oh oh oh! cross your fingers!!!

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    ugh, liverpool, liverpool, liverpool - why must you do this?! why must you make it so hard for yourselves?! i need more r&i fic so i don't keep…

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