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hmmm... ages since i posted here - i think it's because the time i've thought about it, i can't be bothered, plus i either want to type an essay, or not at all

so... i'm in the middle of a training day on 'social web technology' and twitter keeps coming up - i swore i'd never go that route, but it seems good for 'quick rants' which is what i seem to have nowadays :-D

but if i did, what to choose for my user name... this, my most secret, or my more 'known' one, which was kinda secret to begin with, but now real life friends - and colleagues associate with me - but then so do a lot of my web friends - how free could i be to rant...

mebbe i'll just stick to this!!!

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    wooooooooo! 2-1! go liverpool - finally! okay, i'll stop with the twitter-like drivel now!

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    oh oh oh! cross your fingers!!!

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    ugh, liverpool, liverpool, liverpool - why must you do this?! why must you make it so hard for yourselves?! i need more r&i fic so i don't keep…

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