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okay, so yes i'm posting this after the year has ended, but these things happened in 2009, and on new years eve

... and i don't know, there's something in me that wants to mark them as not of this year, so that 2010 can be fresh... or something!

rip rw (a friend and neighbour)
died new years eve 2009 - is that ever cruel?! new years will never be the same for his family again
yes he was old, and yes it was quick
but damnit!
his family are devastated

my sixteen year old niece went to a new years eve party
and some wan**r(s) spiked her drink
fortunately - if such a word can be used in this situation - she reacted to it quickly and kinda badly, so it was all out of her system pretty quick
no after effects, thank god
tw*ts who did it, i ever meet you
i. will. cause. you. harm.
in fact
i think there's a queue of us

so, roll on 2010

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