bara brith (bara_brith) wrote,
bara brith

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still hyper!

the apple tree has been scalped! awww, he was the first thing i bought for the garden *sniffle*

apple and strawberry crumble made for later... mmmmm...

much fun had, dancing - very badly and unashamedly :-D - around the kitchen to some tunes with me ma, and we even got me dad to wiggle his hips too!

going to try the shops now - at this rate i'll be bouncing off people :-D

and i want coffee! uh oh!

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    wooooooooo! 2-1! go liverpool - finally! okay, i'll stop with the twitter-like drivel now!

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    oh oh oh! cross your fingers!!!

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    ugh, liverpool, liverpool, liverpool - why must you do this?! why must you make it so hard for yourselves?! i need more r&i fic so i don't keep…

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